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Al Tawasol Tent is a sister company of Real Time Training & Development .
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The Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

I have the pleasure to welcome all ladies and gentlemen and all members of Al Tawasol International Tent as well as, wherever they are and urge them to communicate through our website for introducing themselves to the other members and for more interaction in order to make the communication a factual reality that can overcome geographical barriers as well as historical differences and language barriers. The purpose is to achieve what God called for when he said in the Holly Quran (O you men surely we have created you of a male and female, and made you tribes and families that you may know each other, surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty), surely Allah is knowing, Aware.) (Surat Al Hujrat 13).

Dr. Abdullah Ali Al Neyadi
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Al Tawasol International Tent

Who Are We

Al Tawasol International Tent in brief

All the laws of celestial including the Islamic Sharia laws stress the importance of caring for and promoting the human soul as a high value and make of it an essential issue.

The Council of the Arab Wisest Man

A weekly international forum for cultural and civilized communication between the people of the world that extends the bridges of friendship and love and disseminates and spreads knowledge, history, and heritage in the translation of the vision of the Arab wisest man the late Sheikh Zayed “Allah forgive him” that The UAE is to be an international center for cultural and civilization communication between the people of the world.

The Council presents different cultural, heritage, and knowledgeable events throughout the year, where the men of letters, poets and history experts as well as international heritage experts from all over the world participated. The Court is also interested in celebrating the international occasions such as Human Labor Day, Environment and Green Antebrachiums Day, and International day for celebrating heritage and historical cities.


Studies and Consultancies

Specialized experts capable of studying and assessing the existing projects, and providing development consultation via Real Time Training and Development Center.

Financial Consultancy

We have an Office for Agreement and Financial Consultancy of an Authorized Experience Institutions inside UAE and abroad.